"I am a Humanitarian Innovator
Delivering Life-changing
Sustainable Healthcare Solutions
Through Drug Repurposing"

A research scientist, thought leader, innovator, and inventor of major medical breakthroughs, my mission is to create sustainable, self-empowering healthcare solutions and to champion accessible healthcare worldwide. I believe that all people are entitled to access the immediate independent information they need to make informed choices about their wellbeing, regardless of their status.

My career has spanned multiple disciplines, and in addition to consulting to specialists, research organizations, and companies, I help people to live better lives by discovering new applications for established drugs, through personalized medicine. Delivering safe, targeted therapies for serious, rare, and chronic diseases is what inspires me.

As an autodidact, I enjoy the freedom to think independently and explore without preconceptions. I am privileged that many of my resulting discoveries are saving lives and easing suffering worldwide.

My belief that medicine and science should deliver rapid and tangible benefits to those afflicted by disease is the driving force behind all of my accomplishments.

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My Endeavors

Transforming real-world clinical discoveries into repurposed drugsTransforming real-world clinical discoveries into repurposed drugs.

Developing time-critical solutions for ED and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Novel therapy for dry eye disease, pterygium, and pinguecula.

Creating safe and effective treatments for victims of the opioid crisis.

Empowering patients and physicians with new treatment opportunities.

Leading the world’s largest patient-driven drug repurposing project in history.

Off-label generic drug repurposing for patients begins with Cureiosity.